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She’s The Planner…

Deb is the planning mastermind behind Flatlanders In….In some ways, she enjoys the planning of the trip just as much as the actual trip itself.

Deb is the planning mastermind behind all of our trips on FlatlandersIn...

Whether it’s researching the potential destinations, finding flights or hotels, and even thinking through the right way to approach the travel when we get there….she thinks through it all.

Deb is a Canadian by birth and maintains her dual-citizenship between Canada and the United States. As a girl, she grew up living in Maine and Kansas, spending time in both the hot/humid Summers of Kansas and the frigid winters of DownEast Maine.

She loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, biking, and even a bit of climbing. She put her hiking skills to the test recently with climbs up Camelback Mountain and Piestawa Peak in Phoenix and really enjoyed both double-diamond hikes.

With every trip that we share, Deb’s goal is to help others plan their adventures more quickly for less money. She’ll always share tips that include:

  • Ideas to consider when choosing a destination
  • Recommendations when it comes to gear for the trip, with special focus on gear recommendations for women
  • Things to consider when it comes to lodging and travel
  • Great places to visit and things to do once you arrive
  • Money saving tips that will help you stretch your travel budget

Deb loves the outdoors and exploring every opportunity for a new adventure

Deb’s planning activities don’t stop once we arrive at our destination, either.

Once there, she is always working to try to optimize the trip, find new and interesting things to do, adapt due to changes in the weather, or just find ways to make the most out of the destination. Whatever curveballs the airline, hotel, or even Mother Nature throw at us, she finds ways to adapt and work with it.

…and somehow she does that without disrupting her ability to truly enjoy the trip, for herself.

Deb also spends some time behind the lens, primarily snapping photos with her Samsung Galaxy smart phone. It’s amazing the quality of photo that can be grabbed with a camera phone, these days, and she prefers the portability of her smart phone to a bulky DSLR camera.

One interesting thing to note about Deb is she doesn’t really like to fly. After a bad experience in a small turbo-prop plane, her brain kicks in the anxiety when it comes to flying. The good news is she has faced that fear head-on and worked to reduce the anxiety, keeping it from impacting her ability to explore this beautiful world.

Deb is always continuing to try to improve or enhance the trip, even when we're in the middle of it.

If you have questions for Deb about the planning process, any of her tips, or her work overcoming her fear of flying, just reach out via our contact form and be sure to let us know this is a “Question for Deb”.

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